The Continued Innovation Of Customer Service

The concept of customer service has been around essentially as long as businesses have, continuing to innovate alongside companies as well. This is why customer service has changed so much in light of our technological society, appearing in more areas of our lives and in more noticeable ways.
This is an incredibly positive thing, as customer service in the 20th century was viewed as more cumbersome than it was worth. With telephone lines being the only way to communicate with companies, clients were frequently subjected to long wait times and difficult ways to troubleshoot certain types of devices. However, as telephone lines became more complex and allowed for people to redirect customers to different specialists, the issue of having not personalized enough options became less and less of an actual problem.
The internet would drastically change how customer service operated and even related to many consumers, offering different ways in which people could describe very specific situations to customer service representatives. For example, with the addition of email, it was now possible to include images in messages, making it even easier for companies to send specific examples to clients and for clients to send depictions of specific issues they were having. This is where the modern-day concept of customer service was invented, as the combination of this with telephones also decreased the overall crowding of customers to either service, causing less wait times overall.
However, one of the most important aspects of modern-day customer service has been the inclusion of messaging services. These types of platforms have provided a way for somebody to speak directly with a customer service agent in real-time without having to speak over the phone. This innovation has also made customer support lines more accessible for those who are hard of hearing or might not be able to communicate verbally.
With the introduction of social networks, this type of communication became even more prevalent in customer support services, with companies frequently allowing people to message them directly through Facebook or other social media platforms for near-instant feedback and help. This also made customer service more convenient for the customers, as more and more people in modern day times use social media as a way of keeping up with their friends, family, and sharing their own personal status updates.
Customer service is one of the most important aspects of running a business, with many companies looking towards the future to create new and dynamic ways for consumers to interact with the companies they purchase products from. However, no matter how many other forms of communication are introduced to the customer service market, none will be as successful as the original method of telephone communication. With any type of communication, the past will continue to inform the present, making the customer service market reliable and continually important.