Next PLC is it publicly traded company headquartered in the UK. They operate the largest clothing retail operation in the country. Next is a very old company was established in 1864. Current chairman is Michael Roney. The company is also FTSE 100 index rated by the London Stock Exchange.

Joseph Hepworth founded the company 1864. Joseph started what would become Next in the town of Leeds. In 1884 the company had 100 locations. Although next started primarily for men by selling ready to wear suits, they began to target women in 1983. This resulted in the company’s name being changed from Hepworth to Next.

the next company operates using three main channels. Next retail, Next directory, Next international. Next retail manages the chain of 550 retail branches located in the UK. Next directory offers home shopping options through catalogs and online stores. The next international operates the branches located across Europe and Middle East. The company also experimenting in other markets with mixed own brand products and Lipsey which targets young females.

Today next operates over 700 stores. 519 of the stores are located in the UK. The other 200 are scattered across Asia, Europe and the Middle East. As of 2017 next broaden the net income of 635.3 million pounds. They employ nearly 50,000 people and reach consumers in both brick-and-mortar stores as well as online.

The political turmoil over breaks it has colored the company some hardships operating in Ireland and Germany. This is linked to the creation of next LTD and a new company in Germany as well.

next offers a variety of products. For women they sell coats, dresses, blouses and lingerie just to name a few. They also so girl products such as swimsuits pajamas and other trending fashion items. Parents of boys and girls under the age of 16 can shop according to their child’s age. Next products for men include both formal and casual wear attire. The vast majority of products they sell include shoes, home, beating, the work, and stationary items.

It’s no wonder, being the oldest fashion retailer in the UK, Next has such a wide variety of products. Next is a very old company that has a proven track record of success. Throughout the 155 years that the company has operated it has proven stronger than its competitors and is on a path for long-lasting success. You can reach next by contacting them at this Next telephone number 0333 777 8000.